Cresa Joins Rebuilding Efforts in Puerto Rico Though Hands-on Help and Donations


Samuel Maldonado

Samuel Maldonado, Research Director, Cresa NY office, travels with charitable group to build homes in Mayaguez; Cresa corporate and individual brokers participate with funds

Cresa New York’s Research Director, Samuel Maldonado, traveled with a team of New Yorkers to Puerto Rico’s Mayaguez municipality to re-build homes for families still uprooted by Hurricane Maria. Mr. Maldonado’s projects were located in Anasco, a small town approximately 2.5 hours from San Juan, which was especially hard-hit by the storms and difficult to reach by relief crews. He and the group completed three houses and restored one other during their week on the island in May.

“This was a deeply moving experience that enables me to look at life differently now,” commented Mr. Maldonado. “While grateful for everything we have here, I intend to continue to provide help on future projects where needed.”

The re-building project was organized by The Legacy Center and Support Cares, which were responsible for the travel expenses. The New York office of Cresa supplemented the charitable initiative with additional funds, as did several of the firm’s brokers.

Adds Cresa Managing Partner James Pirot, “The positive response to Sam’s participation in the project from this office was unanimous. We were glad to have the opportunity to contribute funds to the rebuilding efforts and are very proud of our colleague’s work.”

In addition to helping construct three new homes, Mr. Maldonado assisted in repairing a fourth for another family in need. Slated for roof repairs, only, Mr. Maldonado and his team managed to completely renovate the house by replacing the ceiling, floors and walls.

Mr. Maldonado has more than 26 years of experience in commercial real estate. His work at Cresa encompasses market research, propriety database enhancement and product development. He plans to continue relief efforts in collaboration with The Legacy Center, whose motto is: “We aspire to not only help people in their situations, but out of their situations.”

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