Joseph Laforte - Par Funding Announces New Competitive Factoring Rates


Joseph Laforte

BIO: Joseph Laforte is sales leader at Par Funding a Miami based B2B capital and factoring firm. Par Funding helps business owners with some of the largest obstacles they might be facing, small and mid-sized business owners, like cash flow or short term loan in order to help them grow and expand more. Joe Laforte and his team are known for their quick turnaround time, as well as a long record of closing factoring deals and second positions liens that traditional banks and credit unions have turned down.

Summer is a busy time for businesses. Whether you are remodeling your outlet or dealing with an overflow of orders, you are bound to find yourself working harder than ever in these months. Many companies decide that summer is the best time to expand their business and reach out into new markets. This means needing additional investment for new equipment, new hires, new leases and new promotions.

However, many small businesses may find it hard to arrange funding on such a short notice. With a limited pool of investment, small businesses may not always have the capital needed to grow their business and capitalize on new opportunities available to them. This is when it gets crucial to be able to access working capital to pay for the things that are essential for the company’s expansion.

Par Funding Invoice Factoring

Par Funding’s unique short-term financing options provide an excellent opportunity for business owners who need quick capital to fund the growth of their business. As a leading provider of short-term business capital and invoice factoring solutions, Par Funding understands the needs of its clientele and has helped hundreds of thousands of businesses prosper with the help of their tailor-made financial solutions.

Par Funding is known for providing unique financial products that are designed keeping their customers’ needs and convenience in mind. The latest product by Par Funding allows customers to receive a cash advance immediately within 24 to 48 hours using a simple 3-step process available on the company’s 100% secure web portal. Not only is working capital available on short notice, but the repayment is also extremely easy and convenient.

Most Competitive Rate in the Industry

Par Funding knows how valuable money is for a small business. That is why Par Funding has once again introduced an invoice factoring product with one of the most competitive rates in the market. Businesses can now access funds for an amazingly affordable factor rate of 1.19. This makes it possible for business owners to expand their operations without breaking the bank.

Since short-term factoring agreements are based on history, upside potential, cash flow and receivables assets, qualifying customers don’t need a good credit score or other traditional lender requirements. All businesses need is to be operational for at least one year and have at least 3 months of bank statements. The professionals at Par Funding will assess the business on the basis of these documents and offer a short-term financing option designed especially for you.

Call Now to Qualify

Companies can fill out a short questionnaire on Par Funding’s 100% secure and easy to use portal or call in to apply for the loan. The highly trained professionals at Par Funding will ask for basic information about the business and let you know how much of a loan you qualify for. It is truly that simple to get access to working capital to help your business grow at a stellar factor rate of only 1.19, which is the most competitive rate in the entire industry right now.

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