Dymotek Wins Plastics News Processor of the Year Award


ELLINGTON, Conn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Dymotek Corporation, a provider of world-class plastic molding and assembly solutions, today announced that the company has been named Plastics News 2016 Processor of the Year. The award recognizes companies in the plastics industry for manufacturing excellence. Dymotek received this year’s award at a dinner on March 29, 2017, at the Plastics News (PN) Executive Forum at the Naples Beach Hotel & Gold Club in Naples, FL.

In earning the PN 2016 Processor of the Year award, Dymotek received high marks1 from the judges for financial performance, quality, customer relations, employee relations, industry and public service, and technology. The win follows last year’s recognition by Plastic News as winner of the PN Excellence Award for employee relations and a finalist for the 2015 Processor of the Year.

Multiple Metrics Define Dymotek’s Manufacturing Excellence

In evaluating Dymotek, which specializes in liquid silicone rubber (LSR) and two-component molding, Plastics News 2 observed that, “Customers praised the company for its LSR expertise, knowledge about tooling and designing products for manufacturing, automated assembly, investment in skilled employees, and an effective management.”

Reflecting high customer satisfaction, Dymotek is growing rapidly, having generated $23 million in 2015 sales, more than twice its revenues in 2012. Plastics News3 highlighted factors in Dymotek’s service and quality that have contributed to this satisfaction. These include a 99 percent on-time delivery rate, an external defect rate of 287 parts per million, and an internal scrap rate of just 0.6 percent of sales.

Plastics News4 also noted that, with Dymotek employees leading continuous improvement projects, the company has seen a 30 percent reduction in parts going into “quarantine.” From a technology perspective, Dymotek’s use of state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and enterprise resource planning (ERP) software also have contributed to the company’s performance.

Finally, Dymotek was recognized by Plastics News5 for its promote-from-within philosophy, with the publication noting that, “The company hires for culture and attitude, then provides solid education in LSR molding and manufacturing skills. Of the current 108 full-time employees, 24 percent started as direct labor but have since been promoted.”

“It’s an incredible honor to be recognized as this year’s Plastics News Process of the Year! I’m so proud to have our company added to such a prestigious short list of innovators, and I’m forever grateful for our associates back in Connecticut. Their dedication and tenacity for continuous improvement had a direct impact on this outcome,” said Norm Forest, CEO of Dymotek Corporation. “I also want to thank our owners, Steve and Tom Trueb, for their investment and limitless trust in our senior team, and Victor Morando, our CTO, who was a strong contributor in changing our paradigm at Dymotek to make the impossible suddenly become a reality.”

About Dymotek Corporation

At Dymotek Corporation, headquartered in Ellington, CT, we go beyond manufacturing plastic parts to molding solutions, delivering honesty, integrity, and value to every client we serve. "Dymotek," stands for Dynamic Molding Technologies—a name we created to represent the unique engineering, molding, assembly, and distribution advantages we offer. Since 2004, we have delivered superior mold evaluation and engineering, precise robotic-assisted molding and assembly, computer-guided inspection and project management, and complete distribution solutions—all from our state-of-the-art plastic injection molding company in Connecticut. To learn more, visit www.dymotek.com.

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