BOMA NY Hosts its September Seminar: "The Disaster Experience: A Mock Disaster Simulation" on 9/27/2018


The Building Owners and Managers Association of Greater New York (BOMA New York) hosted its September Seminar, “The Disaster Experience: A Mock Disaster Simulation,” on September 27, 2018 at Club 101 in New York City. The interactive seminar featured speaker/moderator Bob Mellinger, Founder and President, Attainium Corporation.

Analyzing Potential Real-Life Disasters as a Group

The seminar attendees were grouped at tables and each person represented a different role of the building management team. They were asked to react to a series of potential real-life disaster scenarios, including a mercury spill, sudden gun violence, the development of a serious contagious illness and flooding. The teams were asked to quickly craft plans to confront these situations, which were then analyzed and critiqued as a group. Together, they determined that the four most important factors when dealing with an emergency are safety, communication, health and property.

Bob Mellinger, who has been presenting on this topic for over 30 years, provided guidance throughout the seminar. He has been featured as a speaker at many industry conferences including Contingency Planning & Management (CPM) and Continuity Insights. His specialties include emergency preparedness, crisis management services and business continuity for commercial enterprises and associations.

“Think of a disaster experience as an ever-moving story line; it will change perspective and it will change focus,” said Mellinger. “Being able to adapt to that story line can be the difference between life and death. Emergency preparedness is a crucial topic that many companies in the industry inadequately address and I am pleased to bring awareness to such an important subject. Commercial property owners and management teams always need to be prepared for the unexpected.”

About Building Owners & Managers Association of Greater New York (BOMA NY)

BOMA New York is the largest local association in the BOMA International federation, which represents commercial real estate responsible for the ownership and management of some of the world’s most prestigious properties. BOMA New York serves as the first line of defense for New York’s working public, accountable for the safety, physical well-being and security of the City’s 3 million office tenants. For more information, please visit the Association’s website at

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