Environmental Contractors Association’s CERT Institute Partners With The Linders Health Institute


The Environmental Contractors Association (ECA)is pleased to announce its partnership with The Linders Health Institute (Linders)to offer an in-depth training course on infection control on June 10 and 11, 2020 at The Sheraton in Times Square.

In today’s climate, as the Coronavirus continues to spread globally, ECA and The Linders Health Institute recognized the need to create courses focused on infection control to provide general contractors and construction professionals with the opportunity to gain critical knowledge and the tools to minimize risk and reduce liability for the Environment of Care. Now is the time for construction professionals to protect the safety of their employees and communities against impending biological threats.

“The legal landscape and cross contamination during the construction process has expedited mandatory requirements for healthcare projects. It is of the utmost importance that active jobsite members have a comprehensive understanding of infection control and contamination safety,” said Morris Napolitano, Chairman of ECA and Co-Founder of CERT. “With the global spread of the Coronavirus, it is imperative that your team gains the invaluable skills and knowledge to protect against pressing biological threats.”

The course will cover the fundamentals of infection control for healthcare contractors and will address the serious issue of Infection Control Risk Assessment (ICRA). Participants will learn about various high-risk quadrants in hospitals and other vulnerable healthcare settings, high-risk areas in commercial occupancies and employee exposure risks during work. Additionally, the course will provide accreditation for the Critical Environmental Professional (CEP).

In addition, students will learn how to implement best practices for the ICRA Matrix meeting compliance requirements for Joint Commission, DNV, CMS and other accrediting entities for healthcare.

You can find more information and sign up for the course here.

About The Linders Health Institute

The Linders Health Institute has gained a global reputation for being the premier provider offering the gold standard for education and training for Health, Safety, Welfare to the construction, architectural and engineering industries especially as it relates to infection control and cross contamination during the work process of medical buildings and the built environment. Education is offered both online, corporate onsite and through high technology for remote classroom training to foreign countries.

About ECA’s Certified Environmental Remediation Training (CERT) Institute

ECA’s Certified Environmental Remediation Training (CERT) serves as an environmental educational institute providing education through the development and delivery of accredited training courses designed to foster professional development, increase situational awareness and improve response readiness relative to the effective on-site remediation required for a broad range of hazardous environmental and infectious organism public health emergencies.

About Environmental Contractors Association

The Environmental Contractors Association (ECA) is New York’s premier trade association of environmental contractors. The ECA has grown from just a handful of contractors in 1996 to over fifty member firms today that specialize in hazardous materials removal, emergency response, asbestos removal and infectious detection and clean-up among other environmental services. The ECA works with a wide range of clients and has built a strong reputation through partnerships with public agencies that shape environmental policy.

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