Alpha’a Wins First-Round Appearance on Meet The Drapers


Fine art PropTech firm advances on popular tech startup investment television show

Alpha’a, the B2B, crowd-sourced and purpose-driven PropTech fine art sales platform, has advanced to the second round of Meet The Drapers after winning in its first appearance on the popular tech startup investment television show.

A groundbreaking reality show in Silicon Valley, Meet The Drapers is where viewers get to decide the next big idea in tech. The legendary Draper family meets the world's hottest new entrepreneurs on the hunt for the next billion-dollar idea. The show scours the world for the best entrepreneurs and selects the top 27. The selected founders get up close and personal with three generations of the Drapers and celebrity guest judges to fight for a spot in the grand finale.

“We are thrilled to have impressed the judges with the Alpha’a platform,” said Manuela Seve, Co-Founder & CEO of the startup, who appeared on the show with her Co-Founder & CCO, Renata Thome. “It brings us one step closer to our dream of making fine art available to everyone. They really got our origin story. How I saw the connection between the oil market in the ‘60s and the fine art market now, and that they both needed to bring more buyers together with creators.”

One of Meet The Drapers’ great values is that it gives viewers the opportunity to invest in the competing companies and to be part of the next ground-breaking firms from Silicon Valley and beyond. Individuals interested in investing in Alpha’a can go to Republic’s funding platform to do so. The deadline for investing on this platform is April 30, 2020.

Alpha’a, a New York City based and Brazil originated startup, is a member of MetaProp’s 2019-20 accelerator cohort. The firm has demonstrated proven ability to quickly assemble and install on-demand, high-quality curated, limited-edition prints for the hospitality, office and other real estate sectors.


Alpha’a is an online, community-oriented PropTech platform offering tailor-made art collections for businesses across all industries, including the real estate sectors of hospitality, office, and co-working/living spaces, addressing this complex challenge for property owners and developers.


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